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Steel Building Construction Specialists

Kramer Petersen Builders, Inc. is the solution to your commercial structural needs. With our competitive pricing, unmatched build quality, consistent communication during the design and construction phases, and a confident guarantee of all workmanship, making your property investment with us is also an investment in a longstanding, reliable, and affordable commercial workspace.

Custom building designs and floor plans

You'll benefit from the flexible design capabilities that steel buildings offer. Together

with our planners, you'll develop a perfectly functioning floor plan that allows for efficient business operations and the maximized use of space. You'll also receive a FREE initial estimate with no hidden costs or additional fees not already included.

Tailored to your business operations

Steel buildings appear generally similar and utilitarian, but many misconceptions abound. Steel buildings can be effectively constructed to perfectly suit any industry. Whether it's a machine shop, automotive center, industrial warehouse, storage facility, aircraft facility, retail space, or cold storage, your steel structure will fit your needs.

Steel building support and customization

Kramer Petersen Builders, Inc. ensures your steel structure offers curb appeal and professionally represents your business with solar panel installations, custom color and interior design options, pre-engineered systems specific to your industry, and additional alternation and reroofing options to maximize your structure's utility.

An affordable building investment

Steel buildings offer unmatched longevity, effective safety features against fire, and protection against the elements. Investing in a steel building means fewer maintenance demands, a more versatile use of your work space, and a reduced impact on your bottom line with such a large investment! Call now to learn more.