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Competitively Priced Roofing Installations

Kramer Petersen Builders, Inc. is your top choice for all your roofing and skylight installation and repair needs. With affordable rates, seasoned contractors at your side, and our friendly and honest staff providing you a detailed, FREE estimate, your roofing project can be completed in a straightforward, hassle-free way with no hidden fees.

Get metal roofs for long lasting energy efficiency

More homeowners are turning to metal roofs for their numerous benefits. Metal roofs last 40 to 70 years - more than twice the standard shingle roof! Metal roofs are also highly flame-retardant and they reliably protect against the elements. Finally, metal roofs also reflect radiant heat, reducing your energy bills in the summer!

Expert roof leak diagnosis and repair

A quality roof is the cornerstone of protection for your property against water and moisture damage. Unfortunately, the elements do take their toll. If your property is experiencing symptoms of water damage, allow our team of roofing specialists to diagnose your roof's faults and failures and provide you with prompt repair.

Gutter, soffit, and fascia installations

These three roofing components are primarily responsible for protecting your home from water and moisture. We provide professional gutter, soffit, and fascia installations and repairs on all properties, ensuring you're always protected.